Terence Noble is a painter of “O’s”. Rendered in acrylics, colours emanate from a void like rings inside a tree. Such rings are a common sight in the New Forest, Hampshire where Terence was born in 1974.

Aged 9yrs he took part in an exhibition called “Through Children’s Eyes”. From this point he was only interested in becoming an artist.

In 1997 Terence graduated from Reading University with a B.A. Hons degree in fine art studying under art historian Roger Cook, Constructivist Terry Pope and was a contemporary of film director Peter Strickland.

Moving to Cornwall in 1999 he was commissioned murals showcasing them alongside renowned DJs such as The Scratch Perverts and Stanton Warriors.

Terence returned to the New Forest in 2010. His new approach and methods attempt to consolidate interests in nature, memories and emotions with a grounding in graffiti art and contemporary art.